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Middle East North Africa (MENA)

Tapping Into the Talent

President Obama has said that “the greatest untapped resource in the Middle East and North Africa is the talent of its people.” In collaboration with the OECD, the United States is ensuring the most is made of this economic talent and potential.

The United States has been a major driver behind and contributor to the OECD Middle East and North Africa (MENA) program since its inception in 2006. The MENA Initiative on Governance and Investment for Development promotes broad reforms to improve the investment climate, modernize government structures and operations, strengthen regional and international partnerships, and promote sustainable economic growth in this important region. 

The United States is an active participant in the “Friends of MENA” movement, which is shifting OECD program priorities toward anti-corruption, investment and banking reform, and small- and medium-size enterprise development.

2014 Global Entrepreneurship Summit