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The United States is committed to promoting competition as the organizing principle of modern, free-market economies.  Vigorous market competition enhances efficiency and consumer welfare, boosts growth and makes economies more competitive and innovative.  Through participation in the OECD’s Competition Committee, the U.S. advances this objective through:

  • Reviewing developments in antitrust laws and policies both in individual countries and in international organizations;
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of antitrust enforcement, through measures that include the development of best practices and the promotion of cooperation among antitrust authorities of OECD Member Countries;
  • Supporting sound domestic antitrust policies and fostering antitrust policy convergence internationally to avoid inefficiencies and potential conflicts resulting from different substantive antitrust standards;
  • Promoting policy dialogue and cooperation with non-OECD Member Countries to encourage the implementation of antitrust best practices and principles, and providing related capacity building; and
  • Promoting understanding of the benefits of competition for businesses and consumers.

In addition to participating in the Competition Committee itself, the U.S. is actively involved in the Committee’s Working Parties on Cooperation and Enforcement and Competition and Regulation.  Through these bodies, the U.S. promotes best practices and participates in dialogue related to:

  • Cartels and Bid Rigging
  • Mergers
  • Prosecution and Law Enforcement
  • Regulation and Industry Sectors
  • Regulatory Restrictions on Competition
  • International Cooperation in Antitrust Enforcement