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Education Secretary Cardona joins the OECD Education and Skills Ministerial
December 9, 2022


On December 7-8, a high-level U.S. delegation led by Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona joined the OECD Education and Skills Ministerial, which was held under the theme of Re-building an inclusive and equitable society through education.” The 38 members of the OECD came together to discuss making education better respond to labor markets, increasing equity and inclusion in education, and the impact of digitalization on the future of skills learning.

Secretary Cardona chaired the session “Foundations for lifelong learning, from birth through work and beyond,” where he shared some of the United States’ goals in education as well as best practices.  The United States is focusing on accelerating learning for every student, addressing shortages of teachers and educators, and providing a multilingual education. Secretary Cardona stressed the importance of sharing our learning with others across the world, including on issues such as addressing academic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting the whole child and students’ mental health, promoting, and sustaining multilingualism and multiculturalism, and building systems of excellence for all students at all levels of education.

To learn more about the 2022 Education and Skills Ministerial, please see the joint declaration from the event: Education  – Re-building an inclusive and equitable society through education OECD meeting 7-8 December 2022

Listen to Secretary Cardona explain why the OECD Education Ministerial Meeting is an important opportunity for international partnership focused on ensuring education as a whole is stronger than before the pandemic, in the video below.