Elizabeth Hosinski speaks with students from the International Business Institute

A representative from the U.S. mission to the OECD (USOECD), Elizabeth Hosinski spoke with students from the International Business Institute (USA) about her work at at the Mission and how it advances U.S. interests.

The “Organization provides a platform to convene governments and stakeholders to discuss common challenges and solutions to increase economic growth” Hosinski said.

Elizabeth also highlighted the importance of OECD to the United States by providing analysis and recommendations that governments, including non-members, can use to inform their policies and build support for economic reforms, which can directly benefit U.S. workers and businesses.

About Elizabeth Hosinski:

Elizabeth joined the Foreign Service in 2003 and has served in the U.S. embassy in Zagreb, Croatia and the Department of State’s bureaus of intelligence and research and economic and business affairs. In Paris, she covers agriculture and trade, including steel and aluminum.

Other recent discussions included student groups from USC Anneberg and the American University of Paris,.[HE2] For more information about OECD seminars, please visit: http://www.oecd.org/about/visitingtheoecd.htm

For more information about the United States Mission to the OECD, please contact: Youssef Erkouni, Public Affairs Advisor (USOECDPAO@state.gov)