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Green Growth

Green Growth for Sustainable Economic Prosperity

The United States is shaping environmental discussions at the OECD and informing its new Green Growth Strategy.  Adopted at the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting in May 2011, the basis of the Green Growth Strategy is that economic growth, job creation, and environmental protection are not a zero sum game – sustainable use of natural resources combined with environmental protection can and will improve economic performance and secure prosperous future.  Innovation, supported by a strong intellectual property rights’ system, is crucial to achieving this sustainable “green” growth.

The Green Growth Strategy harnesses knowledge and best practices gleaned from OECD member countries to create policies and tools that promote economic growth while avoiding environmental damage. Countries are learning how to reduce energy usage, improve water management, implement cleaner production practices, safeguard natural resources and protect public health and the environment as part of this cooperative OECD effort.

The United States will continue to work with other OECD members to refine green growth policies and practices.  Activities include reports and recommendations tailored to specific sectors, regions and countries. Going forward, green growth considerations will be incorporated into the OECD’s economic and environmental reviews.

OECD’s green growth efforts contribute to and inform U.S. domestic, bilateral and multilateral discussions on the topic, including in U.S. negotiations with G-8 partners, in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation context, and at United Nations fora like the UN Environment Program and the UN Conference on Sustainable Development.