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The Leadership

Like all Members of the Organization, the United States is represented at the OECD by both a Permanent Delegation and visiting delegates. The U.S. Mission to the OECD, the United States’ Permanent Delegation, is headed by an Ambassador who leads a team from four different federal agencies - State, USAID, Energy, and Human and Health Services.

The Ambassador communicates U.S. views and interests to other OECD Members and represents the United States in the Organization’s governing body, the Council. The Council, chaired by the Secretary-General, makes all strategic and executive decisions of the Organization, and approves the Organization’s budget and annual program of work.

The U.S. Mission to the OECD provides policy analysis and information to the U.S. Government based on the work of the OECD. Working with other Member countries, the U.S. Mission ensures the decisions taken by the OECD reflect the priorities of the U.S. Government. It also makes certain that the research done at the OECD is effectively disseminated and shared throughout respective U.S. Government departments and agencies, the public and other interested stakeholders.